Cinematic Storytelling for Film, TV, and Video by The Storyteller's Cottage

Cinematic Storytelling for Film, TV, and Video

Learn the basics of writing a real screenplay for film, television or video. Award-winning screenwriter Pamela Perry-Goulardt shares the professional secrets that also make up the basis of her popular adult classes. Learn the accepted structure of screenplays (these must be formatted a certain way) and how to make your story catch a reader's attention.  Learn about writing a logline, engaging your audience, developing interesting characters, developing plot and structure, adding interest to your story, and much more. Download and read real scripts from your favorite movies, including Frozen, Toy Story, E.T. and others. This course is designed for kids aged 9 - 12.

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What's included?

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Welcome to Cinematic Storytelling
3 mins
Building Blocks
Lesson 1: Where to Start
2 mins
Lesson 1 PDF Task
22.8 KB
SCRIPT - Toy Story
783 KB
Lesson 2: Building Blocks of a Screenplay
4 mins
Lesson 2 PDF Task
30.3 KB
SCRIPT - Frozen
1.19 MB
SCRIPT - Raiders of the Lost Ark
185 KB
Lesson 3: Choosing a Genre
5 mins
Lesson 3 PDF Task
33.6 KB
SCRIPT - E.T The Extra-Terrestrial
114 KB
Character Development
Lesson 4: Developing Interesting Characters
3 mins
Lesson 4 PDF Task
24.6 KB
SCRIPT - Kubo and the Two Strings
201 KB
Lesson 5: Adding Interest to Your Characters
2 mins
Lesson 5 PDF Task
19 KB
Your Story
Lesson 6: Plot and Structure
6 mins
Lesson 6 PDF Task
24.3 KB
SCRIPT - Jurassic Park
321 KB
Polishing the Story
Lesson 7: Adding Interest to Your Script
5 mins
Lesson 7 PDF Task
22.6 KB
SCRIPT - How To Train Your Dragon
905 KB
Lesson 8: Adding Dialogue
5 mins
Lesson 8 PDF Task
22.6 KB