Fairy Tale Fandom Fun by The Storyteller's Cottage

Fairy Tale Fandom Fun

Your Fairy Godmother Natasha is ready to take you on a magical journey into a fairy tale land!  First she'll show you how to make your own magic wand using chopsticks, paper and paint.  Then she'll read one of her favorite tales about the tiny fairy, Thumbelina. After that, make your own tiny magical helper out of wooden beads and floral wire.  Finally, Natasha will help you write your own fairy tale! 

Price includes sales tax. Scroll down for a list of included materials. 

Instructor: Natasha Mercado-Santana

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos


5 mins
Wand Craft
Make Your Own Wand
2 mins
8 mins
Fairy Craft
Create Your Own Fairy
5 mins
Writing Your Own Fairytale
Your Fairytale
1 min
1 min