Tolkien Fandom Fun by The Storyteller's Cottage
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Tolkien Fandom Fun

Take a trip through Middle Earth!  Delve into the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and discuss your favorite characters.  Learn to create mystical items including the One Ring, a "There and Back Again" journal, and a Door of Durin sign.  Write fantastical Hobbit-themed stories in your new journal, and enjoy three exciting themed games: Capture the Ring, Talking Tolkien and a super-fans-only trivia game. 

Price includes sales tax. Scroll down for a list of included materials. 

Instructor: Amanda Forker
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Hobbits at Home
Hobbits at Home: Introduction
6 mins
1. Hobbits at Home-Summaries (2 pgs).pdf
320 KB
2. Hobbits at Home- Character Study (7 pgs).pdf
7.32 MB
'Crafting' Middle Earth
5 mins
3. Crafting Middle Earth- 'Doors of Durin' Sign (2 pgs).pdf
2.64 MB
Storytelling of Middle Earth
9 mins
4. Storytelling of Middle Earth- Writing Prompts (3 pgs).pdf
9.62 MB
Capture the Ring
4 mins
5. Capture the Ring.pdf
7.61 MB
Talking Tolkien
Talking Tolkien
5 mins
6. Talking Tolkien.pdf
9.4 MB
Test Your Knowledge
7. 'Lord of the Rings' Fan Trivia Game.pdf
267 KB