Murder at the Ivory Tower by The Storyteller's Cottage

Murder at the Ivory Tower

Every year, a group of famous authors from past and present meet via time machine at the secret Ivory Tower.  This year, just before the party, news arrives that Laura Ingalls Wilder has died under mysterious circumstances.  Her grieving fiancĂ©, Edgar Allan Poe, is comforted by no less than six female authors, all jockeying to become the next Mrs. Poe.  When one of them dies during the party, is it a tragic accident, or is it murder?  

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What's included?

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Introductory Documents
Letter 1: From Detective Alexander Pattison
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Letter 2: From Chief of Police Frederick Riverton
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Witness Statements
Letter 3: From Edgar Allen Poe
1.61 MB
Letter 4: From Emily Bronte
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Letter 5: From Charlotte Bronte
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Letter 6: From Emily Dickinson
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Letter 7: From Shirley Jackson
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Letter 8: From Mary Shelley
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Letter 9: From Louisa May Alcott
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Need a hint?
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Solution (Don't read until you've guessed!)
Solution to the Murder at the Ivory Tower
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Additional Information
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