Become a Character in Your Favorite Mystery Novel!

Can you solve a mystery from the comfort of your own home? Download letters, witness statements, codes and items found at the scene of the crime, and see if you can determine the culprit using just your brain!  

Designed for all ages, these mysteries are an excellent challenge for fans of escape rooms!  Just $15 each. 

The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat

The year is 1885. A raucous crowd was gathered to enjoy a thrilling night at the circus, but suddenly, tragedy struck! Murder has shocked the company, and everyone seems to have something to hide.  
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Murder at the Ivory Tower

Every year, a group of famous authors from past and present meet via time machine at the secret Ivory Tower.  This year, eight authors arrive, but only seven live to see the end of the party.
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The Case of the Deadly Death Day Party

The family of "Wicked" Wilbur Warrington has gathered at his gothic mansion to celebrate his 100th birthday, but could a series of dangerous mishaps be merely coincidence, or clandestine attempts on his life?
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Sample Clue Documents