Royal Princess Fandom Fun by The Storyteller's Cottage

Royal Princess Fandom Fun

Lady Alanna is here to bring the thrill of royalty to your very own house!  Compare real and fictional queens and princesses, from the Queen of Hearts vs. Queen Victoria, to Princess Olivia vs. Princess Beatrice, and more. Lady Alanna will show you how to create your own lovely crown using a clever paper folding technique. Then immerse yourself in fun royal games, including a word search, crossword and maze.  Cap off your day as a royal by writing your own story about what you'd do if you were a princess or even a castle!  Designed for ages 8 - 12. 

Price includes sales tax. Scroll down for a list of included materials. 

Instructor: Alanna Hammond

What's included?

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Welcome: Tales of Queens and Princesses
Greetings and Salutations!
1 min
Royal Study Session 1
Queen of Hearts vs. Queen Victoria
3 mins
How to Make Your Own Paper Crown
10 mins
Paper Crown Instructions & Template
95.5 KB
Royal Study Session 2
Queen of England vs. Queen Elizabeth
4 mins
Royal Word Search
49.3 KB
Word Search Answer Key
441 KB
Royal Study Session 3
Princess Olivia vs. Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie
3 mins
Royal Crossword Puzzle
53.9 KB
Crossword Answer Key
566 KB
Royal Study Session 4
Princess Celie vs. Princess Charlotte
3 mins
Escape the Maze Worksheet
27.8 KB
Maze Answer Key
607 KB
Royal Wrap Up
Write About Royalty!
28.9 KB
What Have We Learned?
52.7 KB
What Have We Learned: Answer Key
76.3 KB