Self-Editing: Making Your Writing the Best It Can Be by The Storyteller's Cottage

Self-Editing: Making Your Writing the Best It Can Be

Mystery writer Penny Goejen, author of five award-winning novels, shares the secrets she's learned over her long career about editing writing projects to shape them into the best form they can possibly be.  Learn the difference between substantive editing, copy editing and proofreading. Master Penny's tips to use while writing so edits are easier later (like using sections that can be moved around). Review common grammar, spelling and construction errors and learn what to avoid, like trite expressions and unnecessary words. Find a trove of resources to use when you're not sure of the correct rules, and learn where your best feedback will come from and what kinds of feedback to avoid. 

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Instructor: Penny Goetjen

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos


5 mins
Lesson One: Types of Editing
12 mins
Lesson Two: Common Errors
12 mins
Lesson Three: Resources
4 mins
3 mins