Story Writing for Kids by The Storyteller's Cottage

Story Writing for Kids

Language Arts instructor Erin Dotson-Kelly gives students the tools they'll need to transform their imaginative ideas into publishable stories.  Instruction begins with plot structure and the secrets of outlining an attention-catching tale. Erin touches on realistic (but not thesaurus-driven) character description and development, then explains the importance of revision and self-editing.  Five at-home assignments are included. 

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Instructor: Erin Dotson-Kelly

What's included?

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1 min
Plot Structure
Lesson 1: What is Plot Structure
6 mins
Lesson 1: Assignment
38.7 KB
Lesson 2: Plot Structure in Stories
7 mins
Lesson 2: Assignment
40 KB
Lesson 3: Outlining
5 mins
Lesson 3: Assignment
38.9 KB
Lesson 1: Character Description
5 mins
Lesson 1: Assignment
31.2 KB
Lesson 2: Character Development
5 mins
Lesson 2: Assignment
30.4 KB
The Writing Process
Lesson 1: Rough Draft
8 mins
Lesson 2: Revision & Editing
7 mins