The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat by The Storyteller's Cottage

The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat

The Marvelous and Miraculous Circus of Magnificence had just begun its final performance when the talented acrobat, Luna LaGrace, fell to her death with no provocation. Her twin sister, Reya, suspects foul play. Could the ringmaster, the animal tamer, the fortune teller or the mute clown have had something to do with the accident?  Solve the coded messages found at the scene and see if you can identify the murderer! 

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What's included?

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Introductory Documents
Letter 1: From Detective Alexander Pattison
1.68 MB
Letter 2: From Chief of Police Frederick Riverton
1.68 MB
Witness Statements
Letter Three: From Reya LaGrace
3.07 MB
Mysterious Message 1: Found by Reya
1.13 MB
Letter Four: From Victor Macaroni
1.97 MB
Mysterious Message 2: Found by Victor
1.17 MB
Letter Five: From Sybil Fortuna
1.69 MB
Photo of Luna (provided by Sybil)
1.46 MB
Letter Six: From Jeremiah Fiddlesticks
2.03 MB
Mysterious Message 3: Found by Jeremiah
2.23 MB
Need a hint?
1.85 MB
Solution (Do not read until you've guessed!)
Solution Page 1: From Detective Pattison
1.98 MB
Solution Page 2
1.58 MB
Decoded Messages
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