The Case of the Deadly Death Day Party by The Storyteller's Cottage

The Case of the Deadly Death Day Party

The family of "Wicked" Wilbur Warrington has gathered at his gothic mansion to celebrate his 100th birthday, but during the party the birthday boy narrowly escapes a series of mysterious accidents that appear designed to kill him, from a poisoned cake to a trip wire on the stairs.  Could one of his four children (or their partners) be trying to hasten his demise, or is there some outside influence at work? 

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What's included?

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Introductory Documents
Letter 1: From Detective Alexander Pattison
1.88 MB
Letter 2: From Chief of Police Frederick Riverton
1.83 MB
Witness Statements
Letter 3: From Fred and Ethel Warrington
1.41 MB
Death Day Invitation 1: To Fred and Ethel
907 KB
Letter 4: From Junior Warrington and Kayliee-Lynn Bouffay
2.02 MB
Death Day Invitation 2: To Junior and Kayilee
865 KB
Letter 5: From Eleanor Warrington-Febreze and Fabio Febreze
1.73 MB
Death Day Invitation 3: To Eleanor and Fabio
1.03 MB
Letter 6: From George Warrington and Geoffrey Marino
2.5 MB
Death Day Invitation 4: To George and Geoffrey
851 KB
Enclosed with George's letter
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Need a hint?
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Solution (Don't read until you've guessed!)
Solution to the Deadly Death Day mystery
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