Getting Ready to Write Your Novel by The Storyteller's Cottage

Getting Ready to Write Your Novel

Dawn Metcalf, author of five traditionally-published, young adult novels, will help you turn your amorphous wish to "write a novel someday" into an actionable goal that's well underway.  First, identify your "spark" and nail down the heart of your story.  Work step-by-step to outline your full story and the world your characters will live in.  Learn the secrets of successful plot structure and learn to incorporate the inciting moment, exposition, rising action, climax, turning point and resolution into your story.  With this strong scaffolding, you can build up the details of your tale into a novel that readers won't be able to put down! 

Price includes sales tax. Scroll down for a list of included materials. 

Instructor: Dawn Metcalf

What's included?

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The Spark
What is Your Spark?
7 mins
TASK: Identifying Your Spark
35.5 KB
The Outline
Outlining Your Story
9 mins
TASK: Creating Your Outline
30.6 KB
The Structure
Plot Structure
10 mins
TASK: Elaborate on your Outline
88.9 KB
2 mins