Wizarding at Home: Potions Class by The Storyteller's Cottage
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Wizarding at Home: Potions Class

Learn to be a wizard from the comfort of your own home! Professor Amanda will teach you the history of potions and alchemy, then will show you how to create your own magical potion, the Draught of Peace, which moves and bubbles on its own, just like a Muggle lava lamp. Design and print your own potion bottle labels, then move on to Magical Pencraft, where you'll design and describe your very own potion. [You might also like to check out our Charms class on the Fantasy Activities page]

Price includes sales tax. Scroll down for a list of included materials. 

Instructor: Amanda Forker
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Wizarding at Home Introduction
2 mins
History of Potions & Alchemy
History of Potions & Alchemy
6 mins
Notes on Potions & Alchemy.pdf
1.07 MB
Wizard Crafting
Instructions: Potion Bottle Labels
4 mins
Potion Label.pdf
2.37 MB
Draught of Peace
Instructions: Draught of Peace
6 mins
Draught of Peace.pdf
88.1 KB
Magical Pencraft
Magical Pencraft: Create Your Own Potion
5 mins
Magical Pencraft Worksheet.pdf
1.68 MB