Writing the Short Story by The Storyteller's Cottage

Writing the Short Story

Join award-winning mystery author Steve Liskow for a fascinating inside look at how to write a publishable short story.  Learn insider tips and tricks about writing compelling characters, developing the conflict that propels your narrative, raising the stakes to keep your reader enthralled, and more.

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What's included?

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Writing the Short Story - Introduction
4 mins
Lesson 1: Character
Creating Captivating Characters
7 mins
Lesson 2: Conflict
Adding the Necessary Conflict to Your Story
7 mins
Lesson 3: Stakes
What Are The Stakes of Your Story?
3 mins
Lesson 4: Scene
How To Harness The Power of the Scene
8 mins
Lesson 5: Tips
Insider Hints & Tips from a Professional Author
5 mins
List of Suggested Short Stories to Read
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